Our pallets are made of fresh, healthy hardwood and softwood, basically sharp-edged. Connecting elements are the high-quality screw nails or ring-shank nails.

We also hold certificate which confirms the ability of using decontamination procedures in accordance with ISPM 15 (thermal treatment) and IPPC (DD, HT, KD)

In our offer you will find:

Disposable pallets

Four and two input pallets

Chemical industry CP pallets

(CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, CP-5)

Special pallets

complied with your individual wishes

Exemplary dimensions of pallet that we manufacture for other companies:
1300 x 800; 1250 x 750; 1200 x 1200; 1200 x 800; 1200 x 1000; 1000 x 1000; 980 x 980

Pallets price is determined by:

  • required delivery date,
  • amount of wood and nails used to build a pallet,
  • complexity of pallet structure,
  • required humidity level,
  • other additional customer requirements.
During constant cooperation we can offer you additional discounts.

Our other services

Transport and freight forwarding

see offer

Ruf wood briquette and pellet

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